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Interactive Installation

Paper and ink pen

11 x  10 in (28 x 25 cm) (biggest envelope)



Nolfa consists on a representation through illustration of my grandmother and her belongings. Over the biggest envelope is a handmade portrait of my grandmother; inside of it there are other envelopes, over which her furniture is drew, and inside of these, there is an illustrated inventory of her possessions. Over the chair there is a text that says “in order to know where she is, everyday she looks for something she doesn’t find; take out all her belongings, examine them, to then, reorganize them.”

The work intends to recreate the daily habit of my grandmother’s Alzheimer, taking all the things she owns out of her furniture, and then reorganizing them.  The excess of objects and the compulsion of controlling them, present as a desire of domain and a sing of dependence to maintain safety and memory.

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