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Viva Coco! 




This video was made from footage of a Chanel fashion show of a Cruise Collection that happened on June of 2016. I've turned the footage backwards and wrote 3 different scripts, 2 of them are narrated by voice actors, and the third is in the subtitles. Making this video was a personal effort of appropriating this fantasy manufactured by Chanel, a fantasy built over cultural and historical appropriation, by “narrating” throughout the fashion show, Cuba’s recent history. Working with Chanel’s footage was an intent of subverting power dynamics and gaining agency over the circulation of this spectacle that, for me, crystalizes many aspects of the complicated relationship of the US with the Americas. Going backwards, then, responses to a longing to symbolically revert this history of US control and intervention in the Americas, a still ongoing interference that might be what finally defines Latin America.

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